Window washing ny

Window washing ny

window washing ny

Professional washing of windows from our company is washing windows, balconies at a good price in the city and the region, we provide such services as washing the windows in the apartment, seasonal and after repair, washing showcases and glass partitions in the office and commercial premises.

We are ready to professionally perform window washing ny regardless of the degree of pollution and height. We have everything we need from professional detergents to unique special equipment, which is only available in several copies in the country. Having washed your windows, we will never forget about visors, window sills, mosquito nets. We carry out work on 100%. Window cleaning is charged the same way, but when traveling out of town, additional transportation is paid.

We strongly recommend our customers to wash windows at least twice a year, the fact is that plastic windows need to be washed more often than wooden ones, if you do not work on time, then the plastic quickly turns yellow and becomes covered with an indelible touch, especially for windows from the profile of the Ukrainian production. If your windows are higher than the second floor, we strongly ask you not to wash the windows yourself, it is very dangerous.

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