Power washing services near me

Power washing services near me

power washing services near me

Our specially trained industrial climbers will perform a wide range of work on а high-altitude sink. Power washing services near me. The list of services for high-altitude washing includes:

Sink of windows, show-windows, interframe spaces

The service is a high-rise washing of windows, shop windows, interframe spaces when it is impossible to carry out this type of work from the ground. Washing windows, shop windows, interframe spaces is carried out by professionals - industrial climbers.

Washing of windows and windows by industrial climbers is carried out in several stages, starting with washing frames, interframe spaces and slopes, ending with washing and drying glass.

Our qualified specialists perform high-rise window cleaning, as а separate service, and in a complex of cleaning activities. Washing of windows by industrial climbers can be carried out both on а one-time basis and on a regular basis.

Window cleaning, as a one-time service, is most often provided after construction or repair work. Since the remnants of paint and other materials can improperly damage the frames or improperly scratch the surface of the glass, it is better not to do the cleaning work yourself.

Shaden group industrial climbers clean windows, regardless of the floor on which they are located. Our employees, who have undergone special training, use proven equipment, professional equipment and certified chemicals. High-rise washing is an unsafe process, so it is better to provide the implementation of this type of work to experienced professionals.

Facade washing

The Shaden group company provides seasonal services for cleaning the facades of buildings. Particularly relevant are seasonal services for cleaning the facades of houses in large cities, where there are a lot of cars and, consequently, exhaust gases and smog. Ideally, the facade should be cleaned using industrial mountaineering at least once or twice a year to maintain a presentable exterior of the building.

Our industrial climbers will clean the facade of the building from any pollution. The facade is washed using professional chemicals that not only clean the building, but also protect it from the harmful effects of external factors. Industrial climbers clean all surfaces of the facade, be it glass, tile, concrete, plaster, etc. Facade cleaning is carried out efficiently and quickly. In this case, the work of climbers does not interfere with the tenants or employees of the house.

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